Join the Dundee Football Club Lottery

Terms and Conditions

3. Entry into the Lottery

3.1 The Lottery is promoted in accordance with the Gambling Act 2005 as amended (“the Act”). In order to comply with the Act, and to purchase Chances you will be required to confirm that:

(a) You are at least 16 years of age.

(b) You will not buy or claim to buy lottery chances on behalf of any other person.

3.2 If, upon winning any prize in the Lottery, you are not able to prove that you have met the criteria specified in Rules 3.1 (a) and (b) above then you will not be entitled to receive that prize.

3.3 In order to comply with the Act Chances that have been purchased and entered into the correct Draw cannot be refunded.

3.4 By entering into the Lottery you agree to be bound by these Rules, and the applicable provisions of the Act and/or any relevant regulations made thereunder from time to time.

3.5 Neither Dee Promotions and/or Sterling shall be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the right to receive a prize) suffered by you if you have not complied with the Rules.

3.6 The Rules may be amended by either Dee Promotions and/or Sterling from time to time and any changes will be posted on the website.


4. Registration with the Lottery

4.1 A valid registration is one which includes the following information, together with the information set out in clauses 4.2 and 4.3 below:

(a) Your name and address, so that we can write to you to confirm your entry into the lottery and contact you if you have won a prize.

(b) Confirmation that you are over 16 years of age (in order to ensure compliance with the Act).

(c) The number of Chances in the Lottery you wish to purchase.

4.2 You will also be asked to provide the following information:

(a) Your contact telephone number.

(b) Your date of birth.

(c) Your mobile phone number.

(d) Your e-mail address

4.3 You will also be required to provide payment information relating to the purchase of your Chances. Payment may be made via the following methods and the relevant information which you must provide will vary depending upon the payment method.

(a) Direct Debit

(i) Information required will include your bank or building society details together with an instruction to such bank or building society to make payments by Direct Debit.

(b) Cheque

(i) A completed signed and dated cheque would be required when your register. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted.

(c) Credit Card

(i) Information required will include card number, expiry date and card security number.

(d) Any other payment method made available by Dee Promotions and/or Sterling from time to time

(i) The information required will depend upon the payment method.

4.4 Dee Promotions shall be entitled to take any steps necessary to verify the above information and to process your registration. Dee Promotions and/or Sterling may refuse to accept an application for an individual to become a Member of the Lottery.

4.5 Following registration you will be sent confirmation of your entry to the Lottery. If you have chosen to pay by Direct Debit you will receive an advance notification letter.

4.6 The confirmation will specify your Game Number(s) and will confirm your name, address and any other details provided as part of your registration.

4.7 It is your responsibility to ensure that the personal information you provide to us is accurate and Dee Promotions and/or Sterling cannot be held liable for any error.

4.8 If you discover any error in your name, address or any other details provided to us as part of your registration when you receive your confirmation then you must correct this by notifying Dee Promotions in writing or by e-mail as detailed in clause 14. Dee Promotions will make any required corrections as soon as reasonably possible. Neither Dee Promotions and/or Sterling shall be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the right to receive a prize) suffered by you until such correction has been made. Any correction notified to Dee Promotions and/or Sterling shall only become effective once the correction has been made.

4.9 Each Game Number is unique. A randomly selected Game Number will be issued to you with your confirmation of entry. You may subsequently request an alternative Game Number if you wish at any time and this will be issued to you providing that it has not already been allocated to an existing Member.


5. Payment

5.1 Payment for Chances may be made by the following methods as more particularly set out in clause 4.3:

(a) Direct Debit

(b) Cheque

(c) Credit Card

(c) Any other method made available from time to time

5.2 Where payment for Chances are made directly, the following applies:

(a) Direct Debit payments will be referenced as Dee Promotions on your bank statement.

(b) Cheques must be made payable to Dee Promotions Development Association.

(c) Credit Card payments will be referenced as Dee Promotions on your card statement.

(d) Any other method made available from time to time would also be referenced as or be payable to Dee Promotions on any appropriate documentation.

5.3 The price for each Chance is £1 or such other sum as may from time to time be notified to you.

5.4 Your Chances and therefore associated Game Number(s) will not be entered into the Draw unless Dee Promotions has received all amounts payable (cleared funds) relating to your Game Numbers by 5:00pm on the Thursday of that weeks Draw. If there is a dispute regarding whether chances have been paid for then such dispute shall be resolved by reference to payment details and records held by Dee Promotions bankers and BACs.

5.4.1 Chances paid for by Direct Debit payments will be entered into the first available Draw taking place after the third working day after the Direct Debit collection has been made from your bank account.

5.5 You may cancel your membership of the Lottery at any time by notifying Dee Promotions in writing or by e-mail. Upon receipt of this notice Dee Promotions will cancel future direct debit payments as soon as is reasonably practicable.

5.6 Dee Promotions and/or Sterling may cancel your entry into the Lottery at any time. You will be notified accordingly as soon as reasonably practicable and will be reimbursed any amounts which have been paid but which relate to future Draws. Other than the reimbursement of any such amounts, neither Dee Promotions  and/or Sterling shall be liable for any loss or damage (including loss of the opportunity to enter the Lottery and / or the right to receive a prize) suffered by you in relation to such cancellation.

5.7 All customer funds for use in future lottery entries paid to the Lottery are held in trustee status to maintain a separation from our own trading income. This protects customer funds in the event of insolvency. This meets the Gambling Commission’s requirement for the segregation of customer funds at the level: medium protection.


7. Draws

7.1 The Draw takes place each week on a Friday at Sterling’s premises.

7.2 The Winning Number for each weekly Draw shall be the winning six digit number generated by Sterling’s Random Number Generator.

7.2 In order to comply with the Act only those Chances for which payment has been received are eligible for entry into the Draw.

7.4 The winning probabilities are summarised below:

Match 4 numbers you win the jackpot or a share of the jackpot if more than one winner

Match three numbers you will receive a share of the second prize pot

There is also ten additional prizes associated with Dundee Football Club